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Berbers complain to have been dimessed from the revolutionaries comrades shortly after the end of the fightings. At the beginning of July 2013, the Berber withdrew their Birkin Bag Replica representatives from the GNC to protest against marginalization. Libyan Berber protestors cut off also a gas pipeline in the town of Nalut, in the Libyan western Nafusa Mountain’s area on last Ocrober. Berbers recently allied with other Libyan minority groups, Tebou and Tuareg, to force the review of the Constituent Assembly’ s voting system Cheap Mulberry Bags concerning the Libyan minority groups’s subjects.A report revealing the reduced role of the English test in Beijing’s college entrance examination has drawn much public attention. Starting from 2016, The English test score will be reduced from 150 to 100, and the students will also be allowed to take two exams a year and pick the best result for Hermes Outlet Online their college admission, according to a report on the website of China’s Communist Party newspaper Guangming Daily on Oct 21. There have also been numerous reports from other provinces in China. For example, there is a rumor that the English test will be phased out of the entrance exam system in eastern China’s Jiangsu province, while other Birkin Bag Replica Cheap provinces or municipalities, such as Shanghai and Hubei, will not make any major changes. Any possible change in the exam provokes much heed and debate. In an online survey carried out by China’s popular portal, Sina, 72.5% of people favor reducing the weighting of English in the entrance exam, 22.6% are against it, while 4.9% are undecided Gucci Outlet Online (as of Oct. 22). Putting divided opinions aside, the attention the news has attracted demonstrates the Chinese love – hate relationship with learning English and the Gaokao, or the National College Entrance Examination.Changes made in the English test have been seen by the public as the beginning of reforms to the entrance examination,Hermes UK which has been under heated debate for years. It comes as a response to many prevalent problems among Chinese students, parents and the community. The Ministry of Education has been calling for years to ease the students’ burden, but it has not worked in the past, as the entrance exam still remains the only way for most students to get into higher Replica Hermes Handbags education in China.

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