Seeing more Chinese children take part in chof

“I conducted a master class with the students, and they experienced typical Austrian cheap canada goose music, scenery and lifestyle, which deepened our friendship,” Wirth said. Seeing more Chinese children take part in choir, Wirth said that the most important lesson children should learn from choir is not only achievement in choir competitions, but also fostering an understanding and appreciation for music. Wirth recalled that he loved music canada goose uk as a child and was determined to become “somebody” in the music field. “I learned a lot during my happy times in choir, and it made my dreams come true,” he added. Wirth said that the VBC has always regarded conductors and music teachers as the foundation of the choir and called on conductors to guide children to enjoy music so that they can canada goose outlet store exert their talents. “Good conductors and teachers can lead children to achieve the most from choir in the shortest period of time, and allow the choir to develop in a sound way,” Wirth said. Wirth also stressed that conductors should understand that choruses require well-rounded skill development, including gestures, pronunciation, tone, intonation canada goose jackets on sale and understanding of music. China, like other countries, has many outstanding choral teachers, but there are also teachers with vast room to improve who can make rapid progress with professional training and government encouragement, he said. During the interview, Wirth expressed great interest in foreign musical elements, including Chinese folk canada goose jackets uk musicWirth said that Friends of the VBC, a non-profit organization, aims to strengthen choral exchanges between the VBC and Chinese choral professionals, children and youth. The club beats by dre cheap will support the tours and activities of the Vienna Boys Choir in China and develop education and training for Chinese choirs. “In the next year, the club plans to select three excellent Chinese chorus conductors to visit Austria for further study,” said Wirth. Last year, students from the Beijing No. 2 Experimental Primary School went to Vienna canada goose outlet toronto for the World Peace Choral Festival. Wirth described the Chinese children as “smart,” “full of passion for choir” and “devoted to singing.” After their performance, the children were invited to stay and study in Wirth’s Alpine valley hometown for several days.

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