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We joined together to prevent UGG Boots On Clearance these problems from occurring in advance initially. That has yielded noticeable effects.” To be more alert, Alipay product manager Li Xiaoling suggests web users don’t access the internet without some sort of internet protection, such as an anti-virus software program or other safe control programs. “Firstly, we hope consumers do not use the same pass code for various accounts online. Secondly, do not input Cheap UGG Boots Sale personal information like ID numbers into unfamiliar websites or into those websites that the browser reports as being dangerous. Thirdly, check clearly the usage of different verification codes and do not tell strangers the codes.” The internet companies taking part in the collaboration say it’s their hope they can raise consumer awareness to try to bring down the number of cases of online fraud here in China.Never Discount UGG Boots leave your computer without protection, that could make chance for phishing websites and their Trojans, an expert of Internet security warned Thursday. “It is really necessary to install the security software into your computer, although it may make your Internet surfing a little more inconvenient,” said Li Xiaoling, a senior manager from, the payment platform of China’s e-commerce giant Alibaba Group. UGGs Clearance She made this comment in an interview with on the sideline of 2013 Internet Industry Security Forum, which was held here by the Internet Security Working Group of China. The group was established in 2012 by China抯 seven Internet giants, including Baidu, Renren, Tencent, Sina, Microsoft, Alipay and NetEase. Users should avoid setting the same IDs and passwords in different websites, and never tell Moncler Hoody some important personal information, such as ID card numbers and bank account records to strangers or some unfamiliar websites, she said when being asked about anti-phishing tips for common internet users. “Pay particular attention to the ‘check code’ provided by the online sellers or the payment platform when going shopping online, and always operate according to the instructions, that can decide where your money goes to,” she noted. More Moncler Ski Jacket than 640,000 phishing websites have been detected around the world, and over 60 percent of which targeted the financial sectors, said Li Qiushi, another expert from 揢sers should do some basic protection themselves while our companies are also trying to make our security softwares more and more convenient,� he added. Over 7 million cyber attacks from phishing websites were blocked by Alibaba and its partners in the Moncler Down Jackets second half of 2012, an expert of Internet security said Thursday.

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