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“Once being planted into the Moncler Down Jacket computer, the Trojan will not attack immediately but lurked until you decided to buy, then stole your money,” he said at 2013 Internet Industry Security Forum in Beijing. “So don’t leave your computer without any protection, that could make chance for phishing websites and their Trojan” warned Li Xiaoling, another senior manager from at an interview with on the sideline of the forum. Users Moncler Down Jackets should always notice the address of the website when they are shopping online, and never leave their private information, such as ID card number and bank accounts record, on the unfamiliar website, she also said. Alibaba and its partners began the anti-phishing work in 2007. In the second half of 2012, they blocked over 7 million cyber attacks from phishing websites, according to Li Qiushi. The forum was held Moncler Ski Jacket by the Internet Security Working Group of China, which was established in 2012 by seven Internet giants, including Baidu, Renren, Tencent, Sina, Microsoft, Alipay and NetEase. Qihoo 360 is also a member of the group.Seven leading internet companies, including Baidu, Microsoft and Alibaba, have formed an Internet Security Working Group. It’s hoped the new collaboration will help lead to the better safeguarding of users’ and Moncler Tib Vest companies’ online profiles. While Consumers enjoy the ease and the financial benefits of online shopping, sometimes their financial security and personal information can be threatened during the online payment process. Many so-called phishing scams and malicious websites try to cheat consumers by convincing them to transfer money to their accounts instead of an online dealer’s accounts. Li Xiaoling is a product UGGs Clearancemanager with Alipay, the largest third-party payment company in China. “Phishing websites imitate a popular website, like and some other shopping websites. Consumers have to tell from small details whether they are really the websites that they want to visit.” Ding Rui, a senior product manager with Microsoft, says no matter how strong systems become, phishing websites will never completely disappear. “Driven by a strong Discount UGG Boots financial interest, someone always wants to take the risk. And the word ‘risk’ is not so accurate, as there isn’t too much risk as a result of a lack of supervision and difficulty in handing out punishment.” Alipay began fighting the problem of phishing sites at the end of 2007. Li Qiushi is Alipay’s leading expert on market security. “Actually, merchants, payment platforms, banks and consumers online are UGGs Boots Clearance all victims of such behavior.

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