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Wangusi noted that the Moncler UK Sale country’s fixed telecoms infrastructure is minimal compared to the size of the population.”Most of broadband access will be achieved through wired infrastructure,” he said. The CCK said that wireless technology is easy to deploy but speeds achieved are usually lower compared to fixed lines. He added that most of the country has been connected to the national fiber network. “What is remaining is the last mile connection Moncler Online to the consumers,” he said. The government’s broadband expansion plans will rely on multiple measures. “One of the options is to use proceeds from the Universal Service Fund (USF),” Wangusi said adding that USF will receive 0.5 percent of revenues from of all licensed telecoms. The industry regulator said it will also inject seed capital of 11.7 million U.S. dollars, adding that 25 percent of CCK’s surplus funds will Moncler Kids also go the kitty. Wangusi said that one of the conditions for the renewal of telecom licenses will include deployment of broadband infrastructure across the country. “We also plan to bring in new telecom players to help roll out the technology so that more people can access,” he said. The director general also noted that Kenya can bridge the gap between men and women in terms of ICT access by the year 2017. The UN Millennium Cheap Moncler Development Goals has set a deadline for 2015. Ministry of Information Permanent Secretary Dr. Bitange Ndemo said that achievement of the gender parity in ICT is being hindered by cultural practices. According to the CCK, currently men’s access to ICT is 50 percent more that of women. “The real problem is subtle discrimination against girls and women across the society. As a result women remain under-represented across Moncler Hoody the ICT sector,” Ndemo said. He added that lack of ICT-oriented women makes girls to lack role models. The PS said that the values of the country will have to change so that women are allowed to access the technology. “We have therefore made deliberate efforts to support girls to uptake ICT in schools,” he said. He noted that the National ICT Master Plan will create programs that will allow women to participate in the sector. Directorate of e-Government, Moncler Tib Vest ICT Secretary Dr Katherine Getao said that limited access to ICTs’ by women deprives them and their families of potential income. “It therefore has a negative impact of the country’s level of knowledge and skills as well as competitiveness,” she said. Getao noted that the government will work with all stakeholders in order to identify the challenges faced by women as consumers of ICT.Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN) project has been put Moncler Jacket Sale to a halt amid fears that workers may have been exposed to asbestos, a dangerous chemical.

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